Vulnerability exists in system or application, which is the main vector for advanced targe attacks. Many high profile security breaches and 0day attacks are associated with vulnerability exploitation. It is very important to find the existing vulnerability and get the system or application patched before the actual exploitation.

There is a long list of CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) published and this list gets longer daily. When a volunerability is confirmed, it will be added into this long list. Attacker knows it and may develope malicious program to exploit it. If the system or application didn't get patched before the vulnerabiltiy is exploited, it may become attacker's target. Therefore, it is very important to find those vulnerable systems as soon as the CVE is published. TXHunter makes vulnerability scan easy, everytime when a hunting procedure starts, it will automatically scan the system for all known vulnerabilities. The scanning result is included in the hunting report.