Our Philosophy

The TriagingX solution adopts a new approach to endpoint protection, emphasizing a small footprint, with minimal impact on the endpoint performance and augmented by automated adaptive learning as the foundation of the threat defense lifecycle. In order to protect against known attacks and automatically launch investigations on pre-attack reconnaissance and attacking incidents, it decodes the new attack methods and conducts real-time penetration tests across the network to find any similar weaknesses in order to block the next attack wave. By doing so, it harnesses the power of automation and machine learning to detect zero-day threats in near real-time and streamlines the ability to quickly expose and remediate advanced attacks.  It does not depend on known signatures or blacklists to detect and block the malicious actions discovered in any given attack.

It targets 3 major operational pain points

  • Helping teams which are overwhelmed by too many security alerts many of which are irrelevant or false positives
  • Whenever too many patches are needed frequently, leaving endpoints and servers unprotected until patches are applied
  • Ignorant of weaknesses in the network until an attack has already happened

It achieves this through an adaptive security model that consists of

  • Continuous threat protection
  • ‘Point and Click’ machine assisted threat hunting
  • Delivering insights on attacks methods and system weaknesses
  • Automatically testing other endpoints to find similar weaknesses
  • Fixing the exposure