TXShield provides a real-time protection guard for data center servers and endpoint systems against known and zero-day attacks, either from hackers or malware, all without requiring rushed patch deployments.  It detects using the early indicators while the attacker is actively seeking targets. protect the user from becoming a target.  It analyzes the method used by the attackers and uses it to perform a penetration-test to identify other connected systems with the same weakness or vulnerabilities in order to provide the opportunity to fix them before the actual attack is launched.  By doing this, it targets one of the major challenges in securing enterprise environments: how to reduce the asymmetric advantage enjoyed by attackers where they often only need to compromise one weakness, while defenders scramble to prioritize and fix scores of vulnerabilities.

TXShield targets the following pain points: 

  • Defense teams which are overwhelmed by too many security alerts, which are mostly irrelative or false positives
  • IT teams constantly needing to deploy urgent security patches across their environments and systems being unprotected before those patches are deployed
  • Security teams unaware of system weaknesses until after the attack has happened

TXShield aggregates and analyzes millions of alerts and logs from IPS/FW/WAF/SIEM and endpoint systems, in order to protect against known attacks and automatically launch investigations on pre-attack reconnaissance and attacking incidences. It decodes the new attack method and conducts real-time penetration tests across the network to find any similar weaknesses in order to block a real attack if such an attack is launched.