TriagingX offers a solution suite that investigates cyber threats.  It dynamically adapts based on learned behavior to mitigate suspect behaviors in order to block new attacks without requiring patches and to improve the speed and accuracy of threat detection response.


TXHunter conducts highly focused incident investigations remotely by taking a snapshot of the suspicious system and automatically conducting a full investigation of the suspect objects found. It is easier and faster to deploy than EDR, or ad-hoc tools, and collects, analyzes, and interprets results in minutes not hours…

  • ‘Point and Click’ Threat Hunting.
  • Takes system snapshot analysis from your desktop including suspicious objects
  • Agent removes itself completely from the endpoint after running
  • Automatically launches TXSandbox for a behavior analysis.
T<span style="color:#c0392b">X</span>HUNTER
T<span style="color:#c0392b">X</span>SANDBOX


Provides powerful insights on executables, active document, script and malicious URL’s and finds new threats that signature/IOC scanning fails to detect…

  • Runs in a flexible docker container, VM or appliance
  • Highly scalable
  • Doesn’t require Microsoft Windows licenses which can save considerable costs for large deployments
  • Access is via a Web GUI or Restful API for ease of integration with existing products.
  • Data stays within your control


This solution targets one of the major challenges in securing enterprise environments, which is how to reduce the asymmetric advantage enjoyed by attackers, where they often only need to compromise one weakness, while defenders scramble to prioritize and fix scores of vulnerabilities. 

Learn how TXShield goes beyond protecting the first discovery of the attack, by determining the attack methods, automatically running ‘fire-drill’ tests on other connected systems in order to block those attack methods …

T<span style="color:#c0392b">X</span>SHIELD