Lixin Lu, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

A veteran entrepreneur and CyberSecurity expert, Lixin Lu has over 19 years of experience in the security industry and has founded 4 security startups, from malware behavior blocking on the endpoints to malware behavior analysis in a sandbox. The most recent company he founded was ValidEDGE, acquired by Intel/McAfee in 2012, where he worked as Chief Scientist in the Network Security Business Unit, leading Advanced Threat Detection product development. He owns multiple patents in advanced malware detection and analysis.

Lixin Lu has an MS from Shaanxi Normal University, a Ph.D. candidate in Geography from Beijing University, and an MS in Computer Information Science from the University of Guelph, Canada.



Vincent Weafer, COO, and Chief Technology Officer

A distinguished security engineering and technology leader who for the past 30 years has led security research teams at McAfee and Symantec in the development and advancement of fast-paced research and intelligence-gathering capabilities that provide enterprises with cutting-edge security and protection solutions.  Presented at numerous security events and conferences; represented organization on key industry working groups such as the Cyber Threat Alliance, media events, and global security conferences. Over the years he has been invited to testify at multiple US government committees including the State Senate Committee, United States Sentencing Commission, and the United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.

Vincent holds a CISSP and graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Electronic Engineering from Dublin City University, Ireland.





Steve Garfink, Chief Financial Officer

Steve Garfink has more than 40 year’s work experience in finance, strategic planning, and general management, including positions as a controller for a $50-million development program in West Africa, environmental services management, and senior management role in a behavior-based security software company (InDefense, Inc.).

His education includes a BA degree with honors from Yale in International Development Studies and an MBA from Stanford in Finance and Public Management.





Harry Wan, VP Engineering

Harry Wan has more than 35 year’s work experience in leading fast-paced global engineering teams at Symantec and Arbor Networks. Harry was also the co-founder/CTO of a security startup focused on providing solutions for small and medium-sized companies, as well as the chief technology officer for an anti-piracy engineering company. Harry is the current President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Cloud Security Alliance

Harry holds a CISSP and CCSK and graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree from Cal Poly Pomona, California.