TriagingX to Exhibit at the MSS Forum Denver on Feb 26th  

19 February 2019

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 19, 2019, /PRNewswire/ -- TriagingX, Inc, a provider of Advanced Protection for Malware, Fileless and Hacking Threats solutions, today announced that they will be an exhibitor at MSS Denver, which is the Managed Security Services Forum being held at the Crown Plaza Downtown Denver on Feb 26th, 2019. In attendance will be Bruce Parelskin, VP of Sales and Harry Wan, VP of Engineering.  They will be focused on the TXHunter Endpoint Investigation Solution that helps MSSP’s and MDR’s run endpoint/server investigations in order to detect advanced threats, spyware, hidden processes, unusual network connections, past abnormal activities as well as system misconfigurations, and all in an average of 15 mins. Its output is a report in plain English that outlines the investigation verdict, discovered IOC’s, discovered TTP’s / Behaviors and recommend remediation actions thus saving time and improve the productivity of the security team.

About TriagingX
TriagingX is headquartered in Silicon Valley. Our team successfully created the first-generation malware sandbox that is being used by many Fortune 500 companies for daily malware analysis.  We are targeting one of security’s fundamental challenges by targeting the asymmetric advantage enjoyed by attackers, where they often only need to compromise one weakness, while defenders scramble to prioritize and fix scores of vulnerabilities.  We have moved beyond signatures or static IOC’s and instead focus on the attack techniques and anomalies in order to significantly reduce the time to investigate suspect events in a simple to understand format and often in under 5 minutes.  Our philosophy is to minimize the security computing load on the endpoint or server, keep core data inside the enterprise and leverage advanced analytics to reduce the time to detect and respond. For more information about TriagingX
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