TriagingX exhibits at North American Expo 2019

29 December 2019

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 13-14, TriagingX exhibits at the North American Expo 2019, Cyber Security & Cloud Expo, Santa Clara Convention Center. There are 12,000 attendees, 350+ speakers, and 350+ exhibitors. We demoed our advanced endpoint forensic solution, TXHunter, detecting reverse shell, cryptocurrency mining malware, and other advanced threats.

About TriagingX
TriagingX is headquartered in Silicon Valley. Our team successfully created the first generation malware sandbox that is being used by many Fortune 500 companies for daily malware analysis. We have extended the behavior analysis capability from sandbox for a single file object to the entire endpoint system's behavior analysis, including desktop and server computers, physical or in the cloud. Besides its proactive threat hunting capability, TXHunter also accepts log files from different sources, automatically investigates thousands of those alerted endpoint systems, delivers fast, consistent, efficient and effective threat hunting results. Its deep forensic behavioral based analytic algorithm can detect advanced attacks without relying on signature, static patterns, or documented IOCs. It detects malicious network connections, APTs, rootkits, zombies, ransomware, reverse shell attacks, and cryptocurrency mining malware. It also detects misconfiguration and security posture changes. Security posture changes all the time, due to malware infection, misconfiguration or simply software updates. TXHunter keeps you aware of your security posture all time any time, and provides you immediate counter measurement for advanced attacks to avoid possible catastrophic security breaches.


SOURCE TriagingX, Inc.