TriagingX Announces Appointment of Bruce Parelskin as Sales Leader

03 January 2019

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- TriagingX, Inc, a provider of Advanced Protection for Malware, Fileless and Hacking Threats solutions, today announced the appointment of Bruce Parelskin as Sales Leader. As VP of Sales, Bruce will be responsible for all Sales Operations at TriagingX and will report directly to Lixin Lu, founder, and CEO, TriagingX.

Bruce Parelskin brings 40 plus years of high-tech sales and leadership experience to TriagingX. He is a recognized name in the security industry with over 20 years experience in this space.  His experience includes VP, Sales roles at multiple successful startups like IntruVert Networks and CLI, where he was successful in bringing new technologies like Network IPS and VideoConference systems to market.  His leadership at IntruVert resulted in a successful acquisition of the company by McAfee and sales growth exceeding $100M faster than any security product in prior history. Bruce also led sales teams in larger organizations like Cisco Systems and McAfee as well, growing his team's business dramatically in just a few year's time. 

About TriagingX
TriagingX is headquartered in Silicon Valley. Our team successfully created the first generation malware sandbox that is being used by many Fortune 500 companies for daily malware analysis.  We are targeting one of security’s fundamental challenges by targeting the asymmetric advantage enjoyed by attackers, where they often only need to compromise one weakness, while defenders scramble to prioritize and fix scores of vulnerabilities.  We have moved beyond signatures or static IOC’s and instead focus on the attack techniques and anomalies in order to significantly reduce the time to investigate suspect events in a simple to understand format and often in under 5 minutes.  Our philosophy is to minimize the security computing load on the endpoint or server, keep core data inside the enterprise and leverage advanced analytics to reduce the time to detect and respond. For more information about TriagingX, visit


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