IPS is built for the detection and prevention of network intrusions, network misuse and distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS), based on its internal violation detection rules. Those rules cover protocol violation detection, suspicious content detection, DDOS detection and network misuse detection. However, the IPS alone doesn’t close the security loop, as the IPS cannot provide protection once the malware has landed on the endpoint system and spread via the internal network.

TXEcoSystem is designed to provide complete protection against zero-day attacks targeted at endpoint systems and datacenter servers, without requiring any patching. When the IPS detects a rule violation, instead of reporting the alerts to the dashboard which can lead to an overwhelming number alerts, the IPS sends the alerts to the TXEcoSystem. TXEcoSystem will also automatically conduct threat investigations and report if there have been any early attack activities.

Why TXEcoSystem

  1. TXEcoSystem is designed with an integration concept in mind. Its flexible deployment options and friendly restful API interfaces make integration an easy task
  2. TXEcoSystem is built to automatically perform attack incidence investigations in order to detect the earliest and the least obvious indicators of an attack
  3. Once an early attack indicator is detected, the TXEcoSystem agent will block the attack when the actual attack is launched
  4. TXEcoSystem will perform a real time pen test to determine if the same weakness exist in other network systems
  5. TXEcoSystem automatically learns from detected attack behavior and updates its internal rules in order to improve its detection and analysis engines.