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TriagingX is located in Silicon Valley. Our team successfully built the first generation malware sandbox that has been used by many fortune 500 companies for daily malware analysis. We are now building an Advanced Security Eco-System that provides protection for endpoint systems and data center servers against zero-day attacks without relying on patches.

We are targeting the security root problem and help our clients always stay ahead of the attacker.

We have demonstrated our products at Black Hat USA 2017 in Las Vegas July 26-27, at booth# IC64 in the Innovation City.

TriagingX patent pending technology takes the full spectrum of an attacking cycle into its security solution design, from early indicators to post attack evidences, including network sniffer, endpoint snapshot, sandbox behavior and other logs. It not only increases the threat detection rate, but also reduces the false positive rate, more importantly it greatly reduces the total number of alerts and simplifies the final actionable instructions for fixing the security problem.

Once an attack is detected, TriagingX decomposes its methods, performs a “fire-drill” test to find out if such vulnerabilities or weaknesses also exist in other places within the network, updates rules and improves security. This process¬† of detecting, learning from the adversary, finding weaknesses, and improving security continues in order to always to stay ahead of attacks.


TriagingX’s Advanced Security Eco-System protects users from zero-day APT attacks without relying on vulnerability patching!

TriagingX System

While attackers are discovering and exploiting new vulnerabilities, they will leave some suspicious traces along their way. Some of those traces may look irrelevant or too small to be caught by most security products, but TriagingX picks up those earliest and least obvious indicators, through its cloud based machine learning and correlating analyzer, to find the earliest evidence of attack to reconstruct the attacking scene. TriagingX takes those findings and decodes the attacker’s methods used in both attacking and vulnerabilities discovering process, to perform a fire-drill test on other computer systems to find out whether such vulnerabilities also exist in other places. TriagingX’s machine learning engine can automatically update its capability in both finding/collecting evidence and detecting attacks. TriagingX aims at the security root problem to solve the most challenging zero-day attack problem, helps its users always stay ahead of attackers.

We detect WannaCry ransomware without the need for update and provide protection even if the computer system is not patched!

If/when everyone else falls, we will be there to protect you. We realize the pivotal role we play in your security. Our team is committed to working closely with you to create and maintain a strong relationship and build a foundation of excellence and trust. From the products we create to our dedicated security service and support we provide, we strive to deliver what’s important to you!



If you get too many false positives from your existing sandbox or reputation based URL analyzer, or if you are troubled by sandbox evasion malware, then TXNGS (Next Generation Sandbox) is for you. TXNGS provides the most comprehensive analysis for URL and files.

TXNGS can be deployed in a public cloud, like AWS, or a private cloud, or as a standalone in your SOC with its own GUI. It runs in Linux docker container or any type of VMs. It provides Restful API for integration with existing products, such as IPS/IDS, FW, WAF. If you have a sandbox already, TXNGS adds value by increasing the malware detection rate and reduces false positives. Let us know when you are ready to try it.


TXASES (TriagingX Advanced Security Eco-System) provides a real time guard for your data center servers and endpoint systems against zero-day attacks without relying on patches, no matter the attack is conducted through a piece of malware or hacking tools, and no matter the attack is exploiting system or application vulnerabilities. Users don’t have to patch the system immediately while still under protection!

TXASES can be deployed in data center servers, such as Email Servers, and Web Servers, and also Windows endpoint systems. When it works with a web server, it provides extra protection even when the threat moves into WAF and IPS’s blind spots. Please contact us when you are ready to try it.


TXSS (TriagingX Security Service) is a cloud based security service center providing the most comprehensive analytic security services.TXSS can be hosted in a public cloud and a private cloud through standard APIs to be easily integrated with SOC operation or existing products.


TXES (TriagingX Enterprise Security) is built for enterprise localized security analytic center. It has sandboxes built-in, links with tiny passive agents for taking endpoint snapshots, and sniffers for capturing network logs. You get the most comprehensive analytic service while keeping your privacy.

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